The Trigger Point Experts

Trigger Points cause pain and can occur in tense muscles that are unable to relax. We help treat pain by attending to your trigger points.

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  • Myofascial/Trigger Point Therapy

    Trigger points cause pain and dysfunction where you find them and in other parts of the body. The object is to eliminate pain and to reeducate the muscles into pain-free habits with increased flexibility and range of motion.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension.
    Deep tissue massage is designed to relieve pain and muscle tension throughout the body.

  • Swedish/Relaxation Massage

    There are many proven benefits to traditional relaxation or Swedish Massage. The therapist uses oil or lotion with various strokes that are applied with light to medium pressure, depending on the client's preference.

  • Colon Hydrotherapy

    Colon Hydrotherapy is the safe, gentle infusion of warm filtered water into the rectum using no chemicals or drugs. The colon hydrotherapy method cleanses the entire colon without stressing the individual. The entire procedure takes approximately 30-40 minutes.

Who we are

West Suburban Pain Relief has assembled a team with a wide variety of skills and credentials ranging from massage therapist to MD. We all specialize in helping our patients reduce or eliminate pain through conservative therapies. As an integrative practice, we know that there is a unique synergy between the treatment provided by our therapists and medical staff and the classes provided our self-care and fitness and instructors. We all participate in a comprehensive treatment plan designed to keep you pain free!



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