West Suburban Pain Relief Centers, Inc.

As experts in MyoFascial and Trigger Point Therapy we practice an integrated approach towards relieving pain and restoring normal movement without drugs, surgery or invasive procedures.

Pain Relief on the Spot!

More of us are pursuing active lifestyles in the interest of better overall health and wellness. However, active lifestyles can lead to a variety of injuries. These injuries initially cause acute pain. Over time, injuries can lead to chronic pain.

Chronic pain is responsible for the vast majority of most visits by adults to their primary care doctor. Increasingly more surgeries performed and prescriptions written are related to the relief of chronic pain.

Many of us also experience pain due to the demands of our jobs. Something as simple as sitting at a desk all day at work can stress your body in ways that even a conditioned professional athlete would struggle with.

We are "pain detectives". Our specialty of MyoFascial and Trigger Point Therapy is a rigorous medical discipline of assessment, hands-on treatment and consultation regarding lifestyle issues. Perhaps most importantly we teach and empower you with techniques to manage your own pain.

We take the time work with you together to determine the real source of your pain and explore conservative, non-invasive treatment options with you.

However, as part of our conservative approach we also want also you to be clear that we are not physicians and respect the scope of practice of the licenses and certifications of our therapist. We are responsible medical professionals and if in doubt we refer our clients to an appropriate physician.

West Suburban Pain Relief Centers, Inc.
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